Data Loss – The Essential Strategy For Prevention

Data loss is basically is a situation where one cannot retrieve files or data from the system. This could be occasioned by a number of reasons including Viruses attacks, Operating System Failures, Corrupt Files, Hard Drive Crashes, Server issues Power surges and human error where someone accidentally deletes files or carries out complete system restore on a laptop for instance, wherein all the data is completely erased and the system is restored back to the exact state it was in on the day it was purchased. Negating all software installations and upgrades carried out along with data and files stored lost. This re enforces the importance of back up aside form the issue of data recovery. A business for instance could be crippled by loss of client data.

Data has become a critical part of our daily existence both as individuals and organizations regardless of the size. The knowledge we acquire from learning, interaction especially the advent of social media improvements, discoveries and new developments are all documented in our systems. These form the basis for development of persons and organizations. In the current day, we cannot function without these. http://smartwebsiteideas.com/

The effects of these on an organization can range from loss or compromise of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets, loss of productivity translating into client dissatisfaction. Loss of key client database information or records, creating backlog of service delivery delays resulting in violations of service level agreements, the list is endless. A certain premium must placed on technology to preserve our data in terms of effective backup strategy and standards. I say standards because this has to be adhered to consistently. Technology to do just that is at our disposal today and we must utilize them. We must develop those standard data loss prevention strategies and make them organizational policies to safeguard the organizational interests.

As much is data loss and recovery situations may be totally unavoidable, it is of utmost importance to protect your company from data loss and all the attendant effects. Individuals to have keepsakes and memorabilia in form of pictures and videos, reflective of different stages of their lives. Simple maintenance of operating software and paying attention to error messages on your system can give you an indication of potential problems and warnings are best not ignored.

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